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Author/Artist/Singer: Elf
Music Title/Track: First Avenue
Theme ID: 7873
Album: N/A

Crazy little mama, is your heart still meant today?
Feeling alive in some peculiar way
Baby come home
Baby come home

Pretty little woman, please come back today
It's just gotta be wrong to throw my love away
Baby come home
Baby come home
Baby come home from heartbreak city, yeah

First Avenue
First Avenue
First Avenue
I'm back from First Avenue

Hey, ma, is your heart still meant today?
Well, I'm feeling alive in some peculiar way
Baby come home
Baby come home
You just gotta come home from heartbreak city, yeah

Little woman come home
First Avenue
My baby is home
First Avenue
Gotta, gotta come
First Avenue
First Avenue
I tell ya, I'm coming home
First Avenue
First Avenue
Help me go
First Avenue
Can't make it on my own
First Avenue
Take, take it home

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