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Author/Artist/Singer: Faye Wong
Theme ID: 6255
Album: N/A

Ngoi Yu Toong Dik Been Yuen"

Pui wui pong wong lo tsing wui mong je yut duen
Nei mun gwor ngor dik neem tsung see baak tseen peen
Moot hui seung joong yau yut teen
Ye yu joong jau but doe da suen
Yeung ngor gu daan je been yut deem joong dung doe saam deem

Na pa yu nei seung geen ying see ngor sum yuen
Nei dui yau ngor gum gok naan doe yiu je yeem
Yerk yee ging but seung gun ngor seung luen yau kerk jum mor hau hau sing sing dik hei
Yeung ngor yut dung joi dung joi dung yut teen goong nei sup wui wun nuen

*Tsing jeung yu deem tsee duen naan duen yuet see hui seung gung see ling luen
Ngor yee ging but seung gun nei tsee tseen ngor yau ngor dik juen yeem but seung joi sau
Mo noi ngor sum yiu been naan been doe beet joi dung ya mei yu yuen
Wing yuen joi ngoi yu toong dik been yuen ying goi jum mor kuet ding yiu suen*

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