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Author/Artist/Singer: Fear Before The March Of Flames
Music Title/Track: Sarah Goldfarb Where Are Your Manners
Theme ID: 6332
Album: N/A

The angels hair is tangled between my finger tips
On sudden shame I pulled her body to the floor
She sang a throat song chorus of "I love you"
Sha sang a throat chorus
You look so clean but your dressed to fit this scene
Innocence??? Innocence???
(My mouth peels back in laughter)
You are a virgin, you are a taken liar

The angels hair is hanging on to stretched and fraying skin
In quiet defeat I dragged her body to my bed

She hums a throat song chorus of "I love you"
She spits up verse s but the words get lost in exhaustion

You look so pretty with my skin touching yours
You've only got eyes for me now.
You've only got time for me now.
You've only got eyes for me now and
You know how blind I am without you
The angels hair is cutting lines across her cheeks
With all my strength I make her love me
She tastes like summer and smells like romance
She breathes no throat song chorus but I
Move her lips to form the words "I love you"
I taste her lips and I know she loves me

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