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Author/Artist/Singer: Gamma Ray
Music Title/Track: Track Comments to Somewhere out in Space
Theme ID: 2285
Album: N/A

Music: HansenRubach
Lyrics: Hansen
He who found a way to leave to somewhere far from now
Traveling in his timemachine a dream that had come true
For my friend, you will see, something called reality
I feel good, I'm alright, doing what I please - I travel time
Far beyond the rising sun - I ride the winds of fate
Prepared to go where my heart belongs - back to the past again
I just want to save the universe for au mankind
We want to save the future of the earth
Step by step surroundings change as years go passing by
He only stops to gaze a little while
I push the button further on, I just can't get enough
I know I will return again but still I'm movin' on
Far beyond the rising sun...
As I movin' on I see things to come, I see fears and I hear laughter
Curiosity, comin' over me, what is night and what will happen
And I see the lies and I hear the cries and the marchin' of the people
As they go to war, heaven knows what for - God I think I've had enough now
Too late, too late - I can't go back no more! I lost control of the engine
No light, no light - can't see where I have gone can't see where I have come to
Where am I now - stranded in time
Solo Kai
So many years have passed since I had gone I and I have seen who's gonna be
But now I know it is useless to travel on
And I will return to the time and peace I belong to
Far behind the rising sun...

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