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Author/Artist/Singer: Gamma Ray
Music Title/Track: Your Torn Is Over
Theme ID: 2293
Album: N/A

[muzax+lyrix+vocals: Schlachter]

We're coming closer to the final phase

You better do what you can

No you won't stand the chance to win the race

You better leave cause I'm the man

I know you think you nearly got it made

I think you live in a daydream

There's no way out

I'm gonna give you a nightmare

You get a lesson that you never forget

Your torn is over <i>[repeat 4 times]

[hey wow!!!! it seems that they changed the whole bridge here!!! here is what they really sing and following is what's written in the booklet:]

[Think I better keep an eye on you]

[On every move that you make]

[Cause you are motherf**king liar , uuuh]

[Well, everybody knows you're fake]

[And I don't give a sh*t on what you say]

Think I better keep an eye on you

Cause you're a liar that's what they tell

There's nothing in the world that you can do

I'm gonna take you down to hell

And I don't care just what you do or say

You find yourself in a dead end, there's no way out

Poor pityful bastard, your torn is over

And I'm finished with you

(Poor pityful you, you get a lesson that you never forget)

Your torn is over <i>[repeat 4 times]

[Solo Dirk]

I'm feeling free - you can't stop me

You can't hold me - I'm so restless

So you think you can escape your fate

Tell me sucker it's too late

See I know you gonna make my day

So you think you can save your life, if we all gonna work for you

(but you gonna get it screwed)

Better look at your size, you're nothing more than little poo

It doesn't matter what you do, I know I'm comin' over you

(say, it doesn't matter anyway)

You haven't got a single clue

Your torn is over and I'm finished with you

Your torn is over <i>[repeat 8 times]

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