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Author/Artist/Singer: Gang Starr
Music Title/Track: Capture (Militia Part 3)
Theme ID: 2442
Album: N/A

feat. Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx
[DJ Premier]
"Give a nigga pain" -> Big Shug
"Listen to a brother who knows" -> Guru
"Give a nigga pain" -> Big Shug
"It's the's the Militia"

[Big Shug]
First name vete-, last name -ran
I drop bombs hit you with the curse of ?Jevron?
Broken arms, shattered glasses, whipped asses
I advise you to tell us where the cash is
Itchy fingers cause nothing but gun fire
We disallow all these cats in the camp
We the champs, not really to boast and brag
Bustin' heads, body bags and toe tags
Black mags to blow your whole chest in half
If you don't know the equation then you can't do the math
I know you cram to understand the plan, but you too
Caught up in the rapture, front and we will capture
See men and strap ya, cock back and blast ya
Blow up your fuckin' house while we still lookin' at ya
Militia part three

[DJ Premier]
"Put your money in the bank, and hold rank"
"Give a nigga pain" -> Big Shug
"Listen to a brother who knows" -> Guru
"I push these lyrics through any emcee
and make it burn (burn)" -> Freddie Foxxx
"Put your money in the bank, and hold rank"
"Give a nigga pain" -> Big Shug
"Listen to a brother who knows" -> Guru
"It's the militia" -> Freddie Foxxx

Just to feed the babies I'll infect you like rabies
With a lust for the gravy, you know the god must be crazy
I'm sick with it, I'm built with stilts for you midgets
While you fidget, you could get kill't for your digits
I'll creep on the low, keep it a secret yo
I swore an oath to dump on you, out the Jeep window
I don't care if you a geek or a thug, you sleepin' on us
And you could catch

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