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Author/Artist/Singer: Gang Starr
Music Title/Track: Riot Act
Theme ID: 2517
Album: N/A

{*DJ Premier scratches children laughing and yelling*

[Chorus: Guru]

Riot act, this is where we really prepare

Riot act, out here we show no fear

RIOT ACT, time to protect our communities

Riot act, real criminals get immunity

RIOT ACT, eye for an eye - so yo who want it?

RIOT ACT, rushin all you cowards who fronted

Riot act, let's bring the power to the people

RIOT ACT, no justice then we gotta come see you

[Verse One: Guru]

Just like a thunderous gun clap, you wonder who done that

Put you under with one rap, me and the brothers have come back

We'll lash you for tryin that, we know you been lyin cat

So now you be lyin flat, we'll read you the riot act

Whassup you little fuck, get your life right

Cause there's too much goin in the world, and shit ain't quite right

See you're just addin to the problem

Young gun, high-strung, ready to trey-eight revolve 'em

Knot nearly in your waist, you step up in the place

Catch one off guard, he lookin silly in the face

But hear they come with the M-16's

They got teargas, helmets and clubs - knahmean?

It's martial law in these streets

It's like Afghanistan man, it's gettin raw in the streets

Still you demand your rights, I understand your plight

But do the knowledge if you plan to fight


[Verse Two: Guru]

So realize what it is to be oppressed and afflicted

Subjected to sick shit, knowin others live different

FUCK THAT, the streets about to blow again

They forgot, so we gotta let 'em know again

Huh, we'll blast you for tryin that, we know you been lyin cat

So now you be lyin flat, we'll read you the riot act

Soldiers, let's show these cowards what's up

The hood ain't goin for it, let's get ours, that's what's up

Be sure to keep a balance to your fight

And do the math, figure how to use your talents in a fight

Ain't nuttin worse than a rebel without a cause

Ain't nuttin worse than a people without laws

200 million square miles under attack

Reperations for us blacks, hell yeah, they need to come with that

Who's gonna take the weight, and erase the hate

All I know is when we come through, better make some space


[Verse Three: Guru]

A lot of people ain't happy you can tell by their ways

It's growin tense okay, I can smell it today

Tenement buildings house the next killers

While rich diplomats, are purchasin their next villas

But for the scrilla and power, uhh

They'll send some killers to their hood, that are iller than ours

Still niggaz settle beef, with the metal piece

And every block stays hot, like the devil's feet

Incarceration of the mind, police brutality and poverty

These are realities of mankind

And we can't win nigga, if we keep shuckin and jivin

In a minute, they gon' have us duckin and divin

They got bullets for us {*automatic fire* yeah, uh-huh

They got jail cells and graveyards, they the bullies, not us

We'll blast you for tryin that, we know you been lyin cat

So now you be lyin flat, cause this is the riot act


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