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Author/Artist/Singer: General Levington
Music Title/Track: 1,2,3,4 Get With the Wicked
Theme ID: 6537
Album: N/A

[Chorus - General Levington]
1,2,3,4 Get With The Wicked
Can i get a whoo whoo?
Chicks get with it
Can i get a what what?
Feellas you know
RB Runs the show

[Richard Blackwood]
What Undress
Too hot to handle in the matter of rap
The elemts of relevance are locked in the track
I buckle up, run the shop take it to the top
Plus im still laid back as I fade the crack
I tap, the bottle and twist the cap
I bring the essence of pleasance to fight the wack
Im majestic, you cant test this
With the skills ive got yo
I should be arrested

[Chorus] 2X

[Richard Blackwood]
Dee-Tah rap out

Better turn da lights down! Whos there? Have no fear
Been there to relax now i came to prepare
La Gatas on da loose ya, lyrical abuse
Be aware, ahore con el wicked i declare
Ya can get a whoo whoo a what what
I rock wild, RB help me out now

[Richard Blackwood]
Don't worry, ive got ya thats how we get down
Blaze to amaze make it hot, UNDERSTAND!

>From crowns to pounds, kils to ounce
Bounce here's a chance to releave that tense
Loose up those pants and up with those hands
Get with da hardest ill Chica on a trance
I occupy this bar from dusk til dawn, dawn til dusk
24 hours i bust
Whenever, however, on whatever i want
Anytime, any place, anywhere, Im prepared

[Chorus] 2X

*latino music starts*

[Richard Blackwood]
This is where the science ends and you enter the lions den
Yes my friend my flows get bent and twisted
It's the UK (whiizzkiiid) who gets paid big, yes im afraid so

Drop some hot ish got you all hyped out
Now check mi ch

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