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Author/Artist/Singer: Geto Boys
Music Title/Track: Niggas and Flies
Theme ID: 10120
Album: N/A

Niggas and flies, niggas and flies
Niggas and motherfuckin' flies

Niggas and flies always in some shit
Nigga can't stay outta shit for shit
Nigga robbed a bank- now everybody know
Cause nigga had a Rolls Royce clipping through the ghetto
Nigga bought his ho a fur coat the next week
And them loss had his ass walking butt naked down the street
You want drama nigga? I gots drama
What about these niggas drive Beamers living wit they mamas?
And what about these tennis-shoe tasting bitches-
Fucking athletes to obtain the riches
But they hate it when a nigga call ??em hoes and tramps and sluts
But if the shoe fits- lace it up
Niggas ain't good for shit but eatin' barbeque
And holding other niggas back- that's all we do
Niggas annoy me like flies
If it was up to me, I'd burn a gang of you hoes alive

Niggas and flies, niggas and flies
Niggas and motherfuckin' flies

I went to the million man march- it was all good
A bunch of niggas standin' up for they manhood
But niggas are so idiotic-
They still found something fucked up to say about it
But that's a nigga fo yo ass, g
Howl at a nigga if you lookin' for some negativity
Cause niggas got plenty of it- I think they love it
Clarence Thomas- you a motherfuckin' puppet
Ass-kissin' politicians ain't shit to me
And motherfuck the NAACP
Motherfuckin' cowards, suckin' up to the sponsors
And couldn't give a fuck about the black johnstons
So called black radio stations
Runnin' they flap- talkin' bout they don't play rap
But rap pay the bills, motherfucka
And keeps a nigga out of jail, cocksucka
Niggas get on top and niggas hate it
Cause niggas can't stand to see another nigga make it-a

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