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Author/Artist/Singer: Ghostface Killah
Music Title/Track: Never Be The Same Again(feat. Carl Thomas, Raekwon the Chef
Theme ID: 10390
Album: N/A

[Carl Thomas harmonizing]

[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, damn mom
It's gone be aight, don't worry about it
Knowha'msayin, I'ma just go
I'ma just pack my shit
Peace out, aight
Don't worry about it
I still love you though

[Chorus - Carl Thomas]
I'll never be the same again (I'll never be the same again)
I'll bet you'll never understand (I'll bet you'll never understand)
The things you put me through (Ooooohhhh)
I tried to be a better man (I tried to be a better man)
But you'll never understand, noooooo
Now it's time that I move on (Move on!)

[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyyo I gave you everything and you still fucked my head up
Children (I'm sorry Ghost) Not now, shut up
Got back off the road, heard you sleepin with fam
The whole hood ran up on me, I was like "Damn!"
So I stepped back, sized the whole situation patiently
Arguments, face up in the air like you hatin me
Ask you one question, was it good?
He have you on the wall like me, was it hood?
You probably showed him your sexy faces, how you ride on top
Grabbin the sheets, in a deep zone if he hit the spot
I came home on Friday, Saturday I found out
That night I cried with the kids, I was out
And my man, I'ma do him in
And the Lord knows best what I'ma do to him
And you can keep the crib - all I'm sayin is,
let me find out you got men around my kids


[Ghostface Killah]
It was the beauty that caught me and held my soul hostage
'Member those days had you smellin my boxes
Old Gold up in the hood and Big Dup
We could push through the grimiest streets, then throw it up
Like "That's my nigga!"
Anybody got somethin bad to say, son'll come through and deliver
Brushin off his 88 clocks, y'all can't touch him
I bet a wad on it, y'all can't fuck with him
Semi-shy, and I'm laid back, crystal hats
Heard ya water broke I was like "Phewww" and ran back
I ran back fast, broke my arm in the mix
To find out that bird nigga tappin my shit
It's alright 'do, maybe he came up with the right dough
Bigger dick, I don't know, must have been the best flow
This thing here, ever man in the world goes through
But fuck that, I put alotta money up, I'm hatin!


[Carl Thomas 2x]
It was like ecstasy girl
Found out it was dizzin ya world
Had us livin in a fantasy world
I wish we never broke up girl

[Raekwon the Chef]
Aiyyo you killed me with that
"Who bought this?" I bought that
Knowin damn well in reality you bought jack
You ain't lift one finger, but you claimin what's yours
Runnin all through the house, bugged out, slammin doors
We used to dress like twins - sweats, baby blue Timbs
You even scratched my Benz, let the pigs in
You think that I'm the biggest bird in America?
Catch me on TV, I'm come back, never the...

[Chorus 2x]

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