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Author/Artist/Singer: Ginny Owens
Music Title/Track: Land of the Gray
Theme ID: 10670
Album: N/A

There's a young Mother with three children
Got a stable income and a faithful husband, too.
Shes searching for her lifes meaning,
So she says to her shrink, Im leaving home soon!
Just decided she couldnt take it anymore,
Didnt look back, she just snuck out the back door-

What is wrong with this picture?
We applaud this behavior
Admire how she breaks away
Oh, its so clearly cloudy, in the land of the Grey.

Theres a young senator, gifted politician,
So consumed by pursuing his career.
Use to care about what people wanted,
But know hes learned how to say what they want to hear.
A million lies and scandals bear his name,
But youll never see him hide his face in shame-

What is wrong with this picture?
We applaud this behavior
He's a hero if he makes mistakes
Oh, its so clearly cloudy, in the land of the Grey.

Whats wrong? Whats right? Absolute confusion.
Whats black? Whats white? Everything looks hazy.
Such scenarios bring me to only one conclusion-
Maybe weve all gone crazy.

Three little kids praying moma come home,
And a little town feels violated and betrayed.
Meanwhile, two very unhappy people
Try to excuse the messes theyve made.
But youll never hear it stated quiet that way,
We can handle it here in the land of the grey.

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