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Author/Artist/Singer: Halford (Rob Halford)
Music Title/Track: Heart Of A Lion
Theme ID: 1677
Album: N/A


Crashing through the city streets
Caught in the glare of the midnight sun
I've got wings upon my feet
But locked as I run

Now you're just a breath away
From knocking me senseless to the ground
No escape I hear you say
You're never safe - from a

Heart of a lion
From a heart
Heart of a lion

I close my eyes and see your face
Seems like I'm trapped within your spell
Will I ever win this race?
You're moving in

Hear my name cried from the sky
There is a thrill that cuts the air
In your hold - I know that i
Will never find the love - from a

Heart of a lion
Heart of a lion

All around I hear the sound
Of your mighty roar
As I hear the thunder
You are calling out for more

All around I hear the sound
Of your mighty roar
As I hear the thunder
You are crying

My heart
Of a lion
My heart
Of a lion

Cold heart
Heart of a lion
Your heart

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