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Author/Artist/Singer: Hallows Eve
Music Title/Track: Plea Of The Aged
Theme ID: 2683
Album: N/A

Death is drawing closer I'm fighting for my life
I know not how to stop it live through this pain and strife
Awakened in the nighttime I'm fighting for my life
Death is drawing nearer I'll soon be cold as ice
No longer do I trifle bones growing too old
Death longing to reach and grasp my unrelenting soul
When I'm lying at my rest they'll look upon my face
Cry their tears of dreadful mourn in their weakened daily pace
Remember me, hear my plea time's drawing nigh for me to die
Remember me, hear my plea take from this heart the bitter part
The world they will destroy me or put me in the ground
Stand around my gravesite with their heads all hanging down
When I'm lying at my rest they'll look upon my face
Cry their tears of dreadful mourn in their weakened daily pace
Staring at the ceiling the tubes glow in the dark
Fearless thoughts invade my head to tear my mind apart
Trapped within this feeling I feel it deep inside
Knock of death upon my door and I've no will to hide
Chorus (2x)
Take from me my very soul with wretched mourning death
Take mine eyes for I have seen the hell in which we live
Take now from one man on earth who loved this life so much
Take away everything for it's all cold to the touch
Remember me, hear my plea soon the darkness I will see
Remember me, hear my plea for now another...

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