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Author/Artist/Singer: Hanoi Rocks
Music Title/Track: Underwater World
Theme ID: 4763
Album: N/A

Beneath the streets, in the cars, on the trains,
or in the underground
I'll be waiting
You can spare a dime or you?re gonna be mine and
We're going dancing tonight
In the tunnels underground the subway rats run all around,
and hungry,
running all around and hungry
So come and hide, step inside we're going on a
midnight ride

On the subway underground it gets a little rough,
this ain't
No tunnel of love
Hurricanes running through my veins I know that
You're lost and alone

And I feel no pain
In my sea of drains
in my my my underwater world

Welcome to the ocean
Welcome to the sea
Welcome to the jungle
Deep inside of me

Sink or swin, you dive right in and you
Know this ain't no place to mess around in
In my swamp underground the quicksand slowly
Sucks you down
Down here I call teh shots, like it or not,
What you got I'm getting
You have to come down to my slum
Well Welcome Chum,
now sit down and listen

Welcome to the ocean
Welcome to the sea
Welcome to the jungle
Deep inside of me
I lay you wide open
For all teh world to see

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