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Author/Artist/Singer: Harmful
Music Title/Track: Desert Of Mistakes
Theme ID: 5593
Album: N/A

I just try not to cry I wanna leave this mind and shout it out Tastes like fear around here

Our destinations are the ones we've been before my dear So close but too far When the bow begins to break

We settle down and hesitate All this waste, I can't name So punish me now and let me get back to the shame of life

When I fall in endless sleep? I hope you will be gone Just say you're ready - take your place

In a desert of mistakes... again

You give in I can't hardly believe these packed up beliefs There's no gain, let it drain When the sun begins to faint

How do you keep that shine on

When I fall in endless sleep? I hope you will be gone Just say you're ready - take your place

In a desert of mistakes... again

Provide all of this misuse of our limited times When the big lie hits your eye Won't you go on to deny this game

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