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Author/Artist/Singer: Hawksley Workman
Music Title/Track: Dirty And True
Theme ID: 7940
Album: N/A

A penny on the ground every day every day and
she's whispering her needs as I pass along away.
She bought a ticket to my pocket and she's shiny for the show.
There's a penny in my pocket don't you know.

We were naked on the ground 'neath the moon 'neath the stars.
We were beasts about to burst and the newborn night was
All our singing turned to fire, you could see the flames from
We were naked on the ground now don't you fear.

I don't think I wish to ever return.

There's a haze about the room where we sleep where we lay.
And the candles light up softly and our bodies gone away.
Your eyes are little windows I get closer till I see.
You left them open with a ladder just for me.

It was nice and warm, it felt so much like home.
Shelter to a storm, happy little worm.
Happy little worm.

I don't think I wish to ever return.
Wish to return(wish to return)
I'd rather burn(burn burn burn)
Wish to return(wish to return)
I'd rather burn(burn burn)

Basic human needs are. Just below the surface.
Animal desire. I can hardly wait to fall down beside you
collapse from a night of exhaustion so burning so dirty and
true. Burning so dirty and dirty and true

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