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Author/Artist/Singer: Hawkwind
Music Title/Track: Arrival in Utopia
Theme ID: 7980
Album: N/A

We dreamed of golden shining towers
Of lazy days and thrilling hours
Fields of wonder, streets so fair
Of amber ships which sailed, through the air

Dreamed of steel and glass and wire
Of days of wine and nights of fire
Dreamt of dogs that talked like boys
Of girls who flew, of unnamed joys

And now our dreams are true
We don't know what to do
For we don't like it here
There's nothing for us to fear
Bored mindless in Utopia

( - Brock - Calvert - )
I just took a ride
in a silver machine
and I'm still feeling mean
I got a silver machine

Do you want to ride
see yourself going by
other side of the sky
Well I got a silver machine

It flies sideways through time
It's an electric line
To your Zodiac sign

It flies out of a dream
It's anti-septically clean
Turns everything green
You're gonna know where I've been
In my silver machine

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