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Author/Artist/Singer: Heavy D. And The Boyz
Music Title/Track: Dont Curse
Theme ID: 10362
Album: N/A

I don't wanna go outside
I just wanna be with you
I don't feel like takin' a ride
You know what I wanna do
Girl you makin' me sweat
Come close
Let's see how far we can get
And I'll ease your pain
So let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain

Let it rain
Honey pop the umbrella
The heavster goes down smooth as ?
Fingers keep twiddlin'
But I'll keep drizzlin'
Play like a fiddle and
Here to move a million plus
Cause when I'm damp i don't rust
Girls make a fuzz
For the lover they lust
Nature takin' it's course
So precise
Provin' Heavy D can strike more than twice
Better yet
Happy like a little kid
Playin' in a puddle
Of H2O
A drip drop ?
So figure I'm somewhere
Makin' a rainbow shine
With an intend to broaden
The quiet storm
That lurks more often
So lay with the lover
Snuggle up under the cover
And I'll ease your pain
So let it rain
Let it rain


Now we can go down stairs
Strike a match to the log
Let the fir Place burn
Dim the lights till it's dawn
Don't worry honey
I'll take good care of ya
I know what I'm doing
I get wrecked on a regular
Red light
Green light
One Two Three
Hey Yo Who's on the mic
Well it's me Heavy D.
And I become somewhat of a national figure
You see some are big but the heavster is bigger
And I like candy bars with nuts
And ippy dippy girls
With prodigious butts
So lay with the lover
Snuggle up under the cover
And Ic1

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