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Author/Artist/Singer: Ice Cube
Music Title/Track: You Aint Gotta Lie Ta Kick It
Theme ID: 872
Album: N/A

[Chris Rock]
You ain't gotta lie ta kick it

[Ice Cube] (verse one) {:02}
I know ya like to see me doin' bad
But i'm doin' good, fuck the police that's rollin' thru my neighborhood
Fuckin' peaker wood see me in the five speed
I don't care if his motherfuckin' eyes bleed (yeah yeah!)
This is my weed, this is my world
Don't get mad when you see them hundred smokes squirel (?)
Candied out while you spit yo' last on the pearl
The Don Daada, i'm hotta than holly watta
Wish i was your baby fatha, cuz i got a fuckin' head on my shoulder
And lead in my holster, face on the poster
The kinda nigga that you wanna get close ta'
But you can't so you start the lyin'
Just like that nigga that think he dyin'
Get ta cryin', snitchin' and testifyin'
To all my people if i'm talkin 'bout your baby mama
When she meet Ice Cube tell her save the drama

[Chris Rock]
Yo Cube, im goan have all da biches here

--You ain't got to lie ta kick it--

Yo man fuck dem bitches, dey ain't call me back
But i just paged my auntie

--You ain't got to lie ta kick it--

[Ice Cube]
Tell your mama, tell your daddy, tell your auntie

--You ain't got to lie ta kick it--

Tell your cousin, tell your sister, if she want me

--You ain't got to lie ta kick it--

[Ice Cube] (verse two) {1:02}
I'm a be as real as I can with this
Not just the fake analyst on canabis, who only say that the world is
Scandalist, without findin' out a way to handle this
Dismantle this, either with the rhyme or the fist
How the fuck we get in the belly of this bitch?
I be rich if

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