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Author/Artist/Singer: Ice Mc
Music Title/Track: Nothing But Time
Theme ID: 927
Album: N/A

All I want from you is nothing but time
The rest it doesnt matter
It really doesnt matter
All I need from you is nothing but time
The rest it doesnt matter
It really doesnt matter

You messed it up baby
You messed it up big time
You tried to tie me down against my will
So you could feel fine
See Im never gonna front on anybody so
Ill spill it out you give me the punani
Ill definitely kill it
But no Im not your man Im sorry
Thats just how it is
I got my own shit to do I got to look after my biz
You better getta better fella bella thats what I figure
Cause no-way ya gonna tie down his little nigga

All I need from you is nothing but time
The rest is torn and shattered
But it really doesnt matter
Cause as long as there is love
Between a woman and a man
It seems the rest it doesnt matter
It really doesnt matter
All I need from you is nothing but time
Nothing but time...

All you want from me is nothing but time
But if I give it to you, you will say the same line
Ill be a better woman an Ill give you ya space
But saying that just clarifies that the truth ya cant face
Cause you aint gonna change, you aint gonna change
Thats like Prince Charles with dreadlocks
Would look kinda strange You asking for time
Ya better look at your clock an wake up
Because foolishness sometime has gotta stop

Ya fell on ya knee
Begging me please to come back to you
And make nuff babys
An put you at ease but theres other ladies
Who would trust in my love make me catch little breeze
Its over my darling cas done spells done
Ya better get yourself together and go look another one
Because my minds made up go on
You can yet it get it girl
You dont need nothing but time

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