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Author/Artist/Singer: Icp (insane Clown Posse)
Music Title/Track: Fly Away
Theme ID: 1629
Album: N/A

Spread your wings
Flying over frozen mountains
Crystal rivers and geizer fountains
Drifting above China's Mystic Forest
Float with the breeze and cross seas to shores
Deserts, cactus, and tumbleweed
Irish meadows and fields of green
Glide through cities of brick and stone
Broken arrows of ancient Rome

Fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Won't you come fly with me?
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me

Haunted woodlands, forbidden trails
Dusts that was caves and O.K. Corrals
Castle halls, underwater falls
Pyramids crumble when nature calls
Skies of blue become black with stars
Lightning bugs kept within jars
Sand moves slowly through the hour glass
Wings spread, we can all fly last

Everybody come and fly away
You must believe that you can fly away
Spread your wings and come and fly away
Just believe that you will fly away

Rock will melt, coal crystalize
The clouds and skylines materialize
Wings spread take flights over northern lights
Wolves howl over blood-red moonlit nights
We're Kings and Queens within our dreams
The sky rains down into ruby rings
Oceans river lakes and ponds
Lions unicorns birds and ???

Fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me
Won't you come fly with me?
Come on and fly with me
Come on and fly with me

Martians travel to the land of Mecca
Atlantis hidden deep under forever
Iceland golden tombs of pharoah kings
Rainbows sprinkling diamond rings
Voices cry now e

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