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Author/Artist/Singer: Ideal
Music Title/Track: Get Down With Me
Theme ID: 1971
Album: N/A

Get down
Yeah eh (Oh yeah)
Get down
Um hmm
Get down with me
(oh oh oh oh)
Get down
(Ooh baby girl)
Get down
Get down
Get down with me
(Oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah)

1 If he don't care for you
Baby come ride with me
Let's make love a reality
Girl come on and get down get down
Get down with me

And if he don't treat you right
Baby don't stay with him
I bet I'll make you fall in love again
Girl, come on and get down, get down, get down

Girl I can see, baby
The pain of love that's in your eyes
So desparately
You try to smile, but you wanna cry
So tell me girl what you're going through
Is that your man is not being good to you
Baby, don't cry, no
You don't have to, you don't have to, no

Repeat 1

How could this be, baby
A girl like you, so beautiful
Can't even see no, what love's about
It's such a tragedy
So don't keep hiding from the truth
Realize what your man is doing to you
Baby don't cry, no
You don't have to, you don't have to, no

Repeat 1

Girl you need a change in your life
Someone who'll be right there by your side, oh yeah
There's no need to worry, dry your eyes
Cuz baby you know you don't have to cry
Baby I will be right here for you, oh

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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