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Author/Artist/Singer: Iggy Pop
Music Title/Track: Facade
Theme ID: 2254
Album: N/A

A little girl trapped in her knowledge and craft
Came tripping to my room last night
I cooked her a steak and I tried not to fake
And still make everything alright
She had dreads in her hair and problems and cares
She tried hard not to let 'em show
She was decent and sweet and I was sizin' up the meat
But doubts fell in my mind like snow
And when the shove comes down to love
The facade falls down
And when the bricks fall from the tricks
The facade falls down

It's a sunny afternoon and I'm sitting in my robe
I'm dirty and I'm here alone
There's a story on my table that talks about me
And I want to stuff it down the author's throat
And I'm sleeping with someone new every night
And in the morning politely saying "bye"

And I'm nowhere and no one
And I only wanna run
And I feel like a hamburger bun
And when you must
Believe or bust
The facade falls down
When you're scared of a brand new care
The facade falls down
I got no reason to believe
I got no reason but I'm New York Scumbag Tough
And I'll keep on truckin'

So night is falling
And I'm getting' tired
And it's time to get my slippers and books
Got a sweater and glasses
And something that passes
For a way to get by in this world
And I'm getting' tired
Of so many different things
I guess I'm just plain tired
Or maybe too intelligent to believe
In the obvious side of things
And when voice says make a choice
The facade falls down
When your knees start to concede
The facade falls down
When the shove comes down to love
The facade falls down
And when the bricks fall from the tricks
The facade falls down

The fac

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