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Author/Artist/Singer: Immortal
Music Title/Track: Antarctica
Theme ID: 3393
Album: N/A

Gaping in the horizon
An entire continent cloached on ice move
With giant icesheets constantly on the move
Seas of this continent so cold and invincible
Where icebergs more as monuments
Towards a dry damned earth

Behind the gates and mighty portals
Of the arctic polar circle
Builds the frozen layers of snow
A perfect platform to grow against the seasons
The snowbelts of Antarctica rise
With its dark polar winterstorms

Towering in the horizon
An entire continent cloached on ice
With giant iceesheets contantly on the move
Floating nearer with its tide and icy waves
The shadow of Antarctica spreads
With its masses of permafrost

The clima shifts to colder for the icier age
Glaciers stretches far washing everything away

Antarctica... the darkest face of ice
Antarctica... the coldest place of all
Antarctica... massive and unconquerable

Its drama will unfold

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