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Author/Artist/Singer: In Essence
Music Title/Track: IE
Theme ID: 4025
Album: N/A

The movement for tonight, ?bout to call the crew
Gots to figure out just what we gonna do, oh, oh
Pops is already hooked up with Touch and Que
Smooth is gonna pick us up so what we gonna do
We gonna party tonight

Pulled up to the spot, the line up?s pressed against the wall (oh oh, oh oh)
Ain?t no guest list, no line by-pass, no respect at all (oh oh, oh oh)
We don?t wait, anticipate, the bouncer's at the door (oh oh, oh oh)
Ask us who we be, everybody tell them who we are

Who dat, who dat, I.E., I.E.
Comin?, comin?, for all to see
We gonna rock this spot
We ?bout to tear shit up
Who dat, who dat, I.E., I.E.
Comin, comin, for all to see
We gonna rock this spot
We ?bout to tear shit up

Step up in the club, first thing that I see
Pretty little ting, and she eyein? me, oh
(She, she, she have a sexy body, she , she, she a gon? come home wit me)
We got the drinks hooked up, trees rolled up, DJ turn it up
That?s all we need, all we need, yeah

But everybody?s standin? ?round like they don?t wanna dance (oh oh, oh oh)
Well, I.E. can rock the party no matter what the circumstance (oh oh, oh oh)
We got up on the dance floor and our song begins to play (oh oh, oh oh)
Now everybody?s gathered ?round, we hear the people say


All we wanna do is make you dance, dance, dance
All we wanna do is make you dance, dance
Now clap your hands (clap clap clap clap-clap clap clap clap)
Now clap your hands (clap clap clap clap-clap clap clap clap)

We the group from under, keep makin? you wanna
Bounce to the beat ?cause we look so sweet
We most incredible, we indismissible
The group you love to listen to, no room for defeat
Plus we make our own beats, and we smoke a whole leaf
Pass that joint on the left side, you know it?s the best side
Not the east to the west side
But it's the way that northern shit grows
It makes you feel it right down to your toes
And hoes when you greet us with the sticky
No time for the chatta, chatta, no time for the licky, licky (hey)
You want that ecstasy, we got that remedy
?Cause IE came up to rip the party
Look who entered the room


(I.E. is the crew. Don't forget that.)

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