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Author/Artist/Singer: Inquisicion
Music Title/Track: Dragonslayer (The Continuing Dream-Quest)
Theme ID: 6281
Album: N/A

The Code of Honour rules His Silver Sword,
He has no Fear and no doubt To protect the weak
Might of King's Blood brings him Holy Fire,
He will walk along Dragon's Path
Facing the Dragons His Fate was sealed;
"My voice speaks only Truth", He swore for Arthur's Grave
A bloody sky precedes the coming of an Evil One,
The Dragon is roaring again
Dragonslayer!, Dragonslayer!
Fighting, Riding his Mighty Horse,
His Blade is shining.
Crushing, Striking his Hammer of War,
He is the Law...Dragonslayer!
Castles are trembling under Dragons eyes,
They fight so strong and one of them will die
Bloody spots are spilled on the fields,
They're fighting to kill or be killed
Dragonslayer! Dragonslayer!
Secret Land of the Kings,
Isle of Avalon,
Power's Lair where Spirits rule
Since the Earth was young

Oh! Feel the Dragon's Fire burning across your Soul!

And now He'sFighting, Riding His Mighty Horse,
His Blade is shining.
Crushing, Striking His Hammer of War,
He is the Law...Dragonslayer!

He wins this Evil Battle, He is the One
Who preserves the Old Code Of Arthur's Law
The winged Demon Makes the Castle burn,
Knight's Sword cuts in the Dragon's heart
Master of War Bless his Shield,
Thunder and Blood Are shaking the Earth
He's got the Power To fly to Eternity,
The Power to cast the final Spell

Dragonslayer! Dragonslayer!

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