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Author/Artist/Singer: Insane Clown Posse
Music Title/Track: Lock Down
Theme ID: 6538
Album: N/A

(Violent J)
Spitting and cussing, you know I?m pissed
With these iron bracelets on my fucking wrists
And I?m headed for the county
With all of you motherfuckers all around me
Dressed in my original county blue
From my fresh ass do-rag and my rubber shoes
Sixth months in a cement bedroom
Make friends fast, make them fucking soon
Five months left and I?m even smoking ciaggarettes like money, so I guess im broke
Drop two months I?m down to four
With the homies playing spades on the dirty ass floor
Chilling with my homeboy Bruno,
hanging out at the rec we was playing UNO
And this crack head?s gonna try and take my seat
So I wipped his ass, and I caught another week
Now I?m staring at a plastic fork,
cause the next five days, I?m in the hole
One month left and I?m going kinda thin
And there's stubbles on my goddamn chin
Three days good time, I guess I lucked out
My time is done, let me the fuck out
No more talk of my cock down
I?ma fuck me a bitch, cause I?m outta this lock down

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