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Author/Artist/Singer: Insane Clown Posse
Music Title/Track: The ICP
Theme ID: 6673
Album: N/A

(John Kickchazz)
Ghetto style
Style of the ghetto
Mean one, scar faced , barbed wire, metal
Going crazy
Sluts are trying to fade me
Yo hey, T man your girl just laid me

(Violent J)
Hey, yo the J stands for Joe
Violent sorta means that I?m a motherfuckin psycho
Reputation like this and on the south west side
Shot 47 times and still ain't died...

Inner City Posse
Hitting in the Ghetto Zone
Yo with Rude Boy, and Nate the motherfucking Mack, 2 Dope, 7 up, Kid Villin
(Always killin)
J tall, and double back round kicking shay ha, ha
Lay lo, Punkin, Re-run, Mike McQuary
And that noodle and neden sandwich eating motherfucker
Jason Mills the crazy ass Ireland motherfucker
Fat motherfucking Ryan
Big fucking rich Nate
And neden colors
Jumpsteady red and have year (yo)
Shuferd, Valistic, Greez-E and Will ad, Fort Bragg,
my homeboys Lawrence and Shane
(the undergrounds in the back G)
Yo, and shouts go out to D lyrical
(breaking it down till dawn)
Mike D, and Chris B stole the producer off some alley
(Hey now for the punk list)
You punk motherfucker
Q-tip, ya had to slip
Oreo, we gotta twist ya in half and eat your insides out, motherfucker
Suede Rap, selling out ass bitch
Joe Down, Im?a pop you like the zit you are
All you punk motherfuckers, fuck off
Yo this is the first of the ICP Bass-ment tapes

?Nobodys around to answer your call, but this rapping machine is gonna help ya out
so don?t say goodbye, don?t hang up the phone
Just leave your bad rap a the sound of the tone.?
wait for the beep?HUHHH!
wait for the beep?HUHHH!
wait for the beep?HUHHH!
Check at the beep?

-for booking information or producer interests call
1-313 548-5707

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