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Author/Artist/Singer: Interlude
Music Title/Track: I Dont Want To Go On
Theme ID: 7455
Album: N/A

Last night,
I said some things I didn't mean to say.
Somehow I let my pride get in the way,
And I'm so sorry (sorry for hurting you girl)
I know I was wrong,
but if you just give me a chance
I'll make it up to you.
Do anything you ask me to
Cuz i don't want to go on
Without you in my life.
I'll make every sacrifice for you.
Do anything you ask me to.
No I don't want to go on
Without you in my life.
I'll make every sacrifice for you.
Do anything you ask me to.
Last night, I lay awake.
I couldn't stop thinkin bout you. (thinkin bout you)
I musta called you a thousand times
But i couldn't get through ohhhhh.
So much was flowin through my mind (girl i really need you)
This time I want you to come back home.
Since you've been gone
I have been ne'er the same.
I will do ANYTHING!!
I realize how much I really need you Oh (my life)
Cuz without you here, my life is so incomplete
Lady you are my destiny

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