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Author/Artist/Singer: J Ray
Music Title/Track: Out Of The Ghetto
Theme ID: 329
Album: N/A

Ayyo girl, this is the world mean of thug r&b
It's rise high, let's go

Lately baby I been thinkin something crazy
(We can get out of tha ghetto)
If you wonderin why bills are high
But only seems to multiply
(e can get out of tha ghetto)
And what we can do and we wanna do
Is somethin we need completely fast too
(We can get out of tha ghetto)
Timeless strange, time for time to change
What these sickin things been the same
(We can get out of tha ghetto)

1- Gonna struggle, work hard and hustle
Gonna stay focus, trust me
I trust you, or will say goodbye
Far well, do I trouble
And basically
We gon get out of tha ghetto

Last night I vale to you
To change my life and change yours too
(We can get out of tha ghetto)
And tho tha distance looks hard to go
Until we try he will not know
(We can get out of tha ghetto)
And all pains sufferin is cover you high
I wanna show you a brighter side
(We can get out of tha ghetto)
We'll be successful will be free
We can do with just wait and see
(We can get out of tha ghetto)
So come on girl

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

I will suspire, show you a better day girl
So pack up your things, we're on away

[Shorty Mack]
We can get up and get out
The crib about to fade out
I'm like what you wanna do baby
Is all G's, smash with the knock out
Lady life for you be easy
Believe me, cause aint no stuck in around here
It's not a game, you messed up here
It be a shame, for you honey
While I'm offerin to you money
And I ticket you out of the hood
Is that undestood?
I get you right of tha ghetto
And thats on tha hood

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

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