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Author/Artist/Singer: Jack Johnson
Music Title/Track: Cookie Jar
Theme ID: 1223
Album: N/A

and i would turn on the t.v.

but it's all about the same

to see all the other people

don't even know what they mean

and it was magic at first

to see them speak without sound

but now their souls gonna hurt

you better turn that thing down

well, it wasn't me, says the boy with the gun

sure, i pulled the trigger, but it needed to be done

because life's been killing me ever since it begun

you can't blame me 'cause i'm too young

well, you can't blame me, sure the killer was my son

but i didnt teach him to pull the trigger of the gun

it's those video games and this t.v. screen

you can't blame me, it's those images he sees

well, you can't blame me, says the media-man

well i wasn't the one who came up with the plan

and i just bought my plan by what the people want to see

man, it's a two-way mirror and you can't blame me

well, it was you, it was me, it was every man

we all got the blood on our hands

we only receive what we demand

and if we want hell, then hell is what we'll have

now we turn on the t.v.

but it's so embarrassing

to see all the other people

don't even know what they mean

and it was magic at first

but let everyone down

and now their souls gonna hurt

you better turn that thing down.

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