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Author/Artist/Singer: Jagged Edge
Music Title/Track: PROMISE SO SO DEF RMX
Theme ID: 3211
Album: N/A

Girl listen
When I be sittin' at home all by myself now
I be sayin' damn I had a good girl
You know?
You don't even realize how hard it is
To find somebody like you till they gone
You know what I mean?
If you'll let me just, come back in your life
I-I'll never do it again, I promise

Down at the studio trying to make tracks
Girl at home all over my back
Everytime I say that's what I'm doing
She just thinks it's an excuse
Cause I'm out try-na get some new snatch
Now I realize that I don't work too hard
To keep in here in my life, I've done came to far
For me to turn around girl
Ain't none of that shit going down girl
So believe me when I say

1 - Girl you know you're the only one in my life
I know I've been wrong
But I'm try-na live right
I'll leave my life if it makes it right
I promise, girl I promise, I promise

2 - I promise
I'mma stay out of these streets
I promise
You'll never be hurt by me
I promise
To be the n-i-g
Cause all along you can get at me
I promise
That wasn't in my head
I promise
You ain't gotta worry about me
No more, no more
Girl just believe, I promise

I promise baby, I'mma be the best man
I don't even know how to be
I promise no more Monday nights at the gentleman's club
It's all about you

Believe I really meant it when I said I left it back
See me in the streets and I'm not about that
Said that I'mma be there and I know maybe you can see
That I'mma be there
Whenever just cause you're my lady
I'mma show you just what you deserve
Tell you, you ain't waitin' no more for your turn
You say you want a ridah
And I can be that and so much more like your provider
And I want you to know I love you

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

[Loon of Harlem World]
Uh check it out, girl I promise you love
Promise I never would leave you
I promise long as you love me I could never decieve you
I promise you dis, promise you dat
Whatever you want
As long as I got it, ain't no problem with that
You my ebony queen, everything
Playa ever could dream
Give you the world and everything in between
Now you wanted honesty, manogamy
The way that you honor me
Ain't no other way it gotta be
I couldn't see you with another man rolling in sand
Strolling through the park, in the dark holding his hand
Me and you versus the world is only the plan
I know it get rough, but I'm doing all that I can
Now to the world I'm just Loon from Harlem
If I had a choice girl I'd rather lose then start 'em
Than to ever lose you, I promise I'll never use you
This not a game girl, I promise

Repeat 2 (3x)

Come on, come on, come on
Rock with me, uh we love y'all
Yeah, uh-huh
This for the ladies, know what I mean

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