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Author/Artist/Singer: KELIS
Music Title/Track: Roller Rink(feat. N.E.R.D.
Theme ID: 4969
Album: N/A

Ay yo while I dream about Fortune 500 man
Hundred grand bracelets
The diamonds in my ear only cost as much as a facelift
When the listeners picture this
They gon' say shit
Me and you fucking in the window of my spaceship
High like fuck
To all the bitches that I might fuck
Get to see they would only fuck my life up
The flyest couple killin' em suttle
Delivering our first born on a NASA space shuttle
Come on

Have you ever thought there might be something out there?
Far out, way out
Would you think those movies are insinuating?
Look out, look out
Do you think you'd even know one if you saw one?
Watch out, watch out
If you think the government just don't know nothing
Watch out, watch out

[1] - The roller rink, the roller rink
Just skate away no need to think
No cars and minks, no Gucci links
No need for shrinks, just roll the rink
The roller rink, the roller rink
Just skate away you don't need to think
No cars and minks, no Gucci links
No need for a shrink

If you see what's coming our way then get ready
Watch out, watch out
Ain't gonna be no one in bed to put your hands up
No doubt, look out
Better hide your babies and all of your family
Be right, look out
If you think the government just don't know nothing
Better watch out, watch out

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

Ay yo, ay yo the whole world gets hot
When they hear this Neptune talk
N.E.R.D. we levitate when we moon walk
Ain't shit stoppin', my laser clip dropping
Pullin' up in my intersects with my bitch robbing
Star Track we walk around with rockets in our pockets
Make my fucking dick hard the way my glock spit
Remind me of last night got my neck and cock licked
Day dream, rude awakening she smoking chocolate
Jesus, Simon
Love roaming like Caesar's time and
Yo Kelis you Arabian diamond
If I'm the sun and your a diamond
Baby we be shining
And all my hoes gone
You blowed them away and the ozone
So hot and so rich feeling this ghost tone
Sol nigga and sol bitch
Accept our foes is gone
The world smells is fishy
But I smell nothing when your lips kissed me
Guardian now, fuck is he?
Don't dare but love me
Karats stuffed
Straight up beware of us
Body in the truck odor it's just scared of us
The devil's mad and ain't trying to see the Armageddon
So I name our first daughter Nazareth
My first son Heaven
Yeah the world is real crazy, huh
And ya don't stop, uh
Star Track, Kelis, that's how we do it
Come on peace, come on

[Repeat 1 till end]

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