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Author/Artist/Singer: Kane Abel
Music Title/Track: AKZ
Theme ID: 1616
Album: N/A

[* Gun being cocked *]

[Hook x3]

AK's and semi-automatic users

We some southern, country boys don't let that fool ya

Niggas that I run with will bring it to ya

Nigga take it to the streets and I'll do ya

[Verse 1]

Doctors say my mind gone from gettin' my grind on

Pullin' hoes still in the Nissan from when it was on

Y'all niggas don't know how wild it get

If ya think I'm talkin' shit bitch place ya bet

Niggas know not to ask me why I did it

A nickel bag gets sold in the park, I want in it

Roll slow in the Tahoe with the windows tinted

Hot rocks, heard the pop, don't stop get it, get it

Everybody hit it slow, blindfold hit the floor

Who wanna be the first to go, let me know

Don't you hate to see the gat up in your face like that

Boy I'd hate to see your brains all over the place like that

[Hook x2]

[* Pause *]

[Verse 2]

My niggas play you all, do some shit ya never saw

Slice em' open like a cigar, dude'll leave em' hangin' out his car

Burn him with gasoline, light up the scene

For the cops to watch, fill up the block

Let the nosey people count the shots

Thinkin' bout the plots that was unseen, that was in ya dreams

I bust twice then I heard ya scream

Now we fiends for paramedics, well forget it you'll never get it

Between you and me, life slips away if ya let it

Nigga fight, stay calm and pull that trigger

It happens so fast, don't freeze up, move that finger

If a 89 or AK or Ruger nigga

You the last man standin' then you the nigga

[Hook x2]

[Kane & Abel ad-libs and talking]

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