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Author/Artist/Singer: Kane And Able F/ Snoop Doggy Dogg
Music Title/Track: My Hood To Your Hood
Theme ID: 1788
Album: N/A

Why don't y'all kick somethin' from my Hood, from yo hood, hear what I'm
Yeah, yeah

CHORUS: From my hood to yo hood, Slangin, slangin
From my hood to yo hood, bangin, bangin
From my hood to yo hood slangin, slangin
From my hood to yo hood, bangin, bangin, It's all good

Kane: Could these dope tapes
Bag em up, ship em straght to the niggas That don't give a fuck
Fuck the magazines
Fuck the T.V. shows
Only trying to please those
Niggas smoking indo, wit afros
Deep in da hood
Da slangers
Da bangers
Da niggas up to no good that feel my Same anger
NO LIMIT coming up
We got the Bentleys, Ferrahi's, da Benzes, and da Lexus' trucks
You know us
It's the boys KANE & ABEL
Sittin on my leather sofa
Watch myself on cable
Ask them hoes if my game precise
My shit tight ice shine like Sparks and Light
VVS 2 Karats on my pinky
Like to have sex wit 2 ho's cause I'm kinky
We rap hustlas
Like hand to hand crack hustlas
Strictly for the soldiers and none for the Busters


In a smoked out Tahoe
Sittin low
Gettin down
Some niggas such ho's
They probably pee sittin down
In the lexus', Land Cruisers
Chopping game wit FIEND
Waitin on big V
To bring this ??box wit da triple beam
Niggaz got anger
We livin in danger
Steady puttin dead niggas in my CD Changer (Puffy)
Hella funs and guns
Nigga hit da blunt slow
It's my only one
I be
My brother
Stay TRU to the game
Sunshine or rain


SNOOP: From my hood to yo hood
But look it
Cha'll know how we doin it for da 98'

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