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Author/Artist/Singer: Kanye West
Music Title/Track: Wouldnt You Like to Ride
Theme ID: 2040
Album: N/A

[Intro (Kanye West)]
You like to ride... (uh)
(So "why don't) you and your friends (get with) me and my friends"
"(My friends) my friends, my friends, my friends"
Would you like to ride?
(I don't know what happened, it's just like, heh)
"So why don't you and your friends get with me and my friends"
"My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends"

[Kanye West]
I had that little ass Nissan at your crib showin' up
Liquor store out of Arbor Mist, we Irish Rosed it up
Then we rolled to the movies, you rocked your fake Chloes
You had Gap and Gucci, that's still two G's
But that's that last year purse like it's still too cheap
Ooh you so boozy boo you could of fooled me
Cuz five years ago you was so Fugees
Now you don't want nothin' unless it cost a few G's
You like the light-skinned Ania, the dark-skinned Aaliyah
The black Jennifer Lopez, a ghetto senorita
You remind me of my Jeep but not no Kia
We can talk on your cell, but not Nokia
It be goin' in and out, that's why I barely hear ya
It be goin' in and out like a robbery ah
I'm tryin' to take this money like Robin Geeda
Then I'ma take you to the house like Trick and Trina

Would you like to ride shotgun in the Escalade
"So why don't you and your friends get with me and my friends"
"My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends"
Like a cloud in our sky, grab your things let's fly away
"So why don't you and your friends get with me and my friends"
"My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends"

[Malik Yusef]
Malik Yusef, bet your baby momma know the name
The most critically acclaimed wordsmith in the game
I give you words spit with flames
Stay to m

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