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Author/Artist/Singer: Kathy Mar
Music Title/Track: When Giants Walked
Theme ID: 3463
Album: N/A

Chorus: Oh, take me in a dream or real

To that old time the earth once knew

When all the lands alive with legend

Shared a future bright and new

When all the animals were tame

When every creature talked

When giants walked

1.Before peculiar was a sin

The world was playground for us all

And giants were our gentle friends

Before we took that tragic fall

And light was dripping honey

On the mountains and the shore

But no one speaks of giants anymore

2.Before peculiar was a sin

When honor-bound was something real

Before all creatures learned to fear

Before we learned to lie and steal

The giants danced in circles

'Round the fires we built to share

And now we cannot find them anywhere

3.And then peculiar turned to sin

And different meant a friendship's death

And all the rare and special beasts

Stopped in their tracks and held their breath

And when the giants saw this

There was nothing left to say

And that was when the giants went away

4.Yes, when peculiar turned to sin

They gathered in their giant hands

The different and defenseless fey

The strangest creatures in the lands

And carried them away

Before another day could dawn

And still nobody knows where they have gone

5.So now peculiar is a sin

And honor is a useless token

Different means a life alone

And love is better left unspoken

Everyone who lives outside

The circle that we`ve chalked

Would love to go to where the giants walked

6.And if peculiar is a sin

Then mark me with a sinners brand

And if the gods are kind to me

I'll climb into some gentle hand

And leave behind a world so blind

It cannot see my face

And go to where peculiar is a grace

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar

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