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Author/Artist/Singer: Laibach
Music Title/Track: Regime Of Coincidence State Of Gravity
Theme ID: 1511
Album: N/A

You're standing back.

What's wrong?
Eye contact...A trip, something is touching?
What's wrong?
Eye contact...nothing like it, nothing like it
What's wrong?
Eye contact...hold it right here, this is crazy.
What's wrong?
Back off for a second, just back off.
My heart restriction
Take hesitation (x2)
Yes, fine.
Take hesitation (x2)
I'm thinking after seeing you...excellent.
Take hesitation (x2)
Very good.
Take hesitation (x2)
My dime is yours.
I need...
I need something stronger. (x2)

Take four red capsules, in ten minutes take two more. What's wrong?
What's wrong? Take hesitation.
I need something stronger.
Take four red capsules,
I need something stronger. (x2)
Could you be more...specific?

Our voices are not raised in any harmonious chorus
One idea...
Our voices are not raised in any harmonious chorus (x2)
But our differences are differences of empathy!
We need a new unity!
We must first...
One idea to get us out of here!
We must first...
We need a new unity!
We must first choose a leader.
We need a new unity!
Could you be more...
We need a new unity!
Could you be more...
We must first choose a leader.
Could you be more...
We must first choose a leader.
Could you be more...specific?

Liner notes for Laibach's _Kapital_
Transcribed by Guru Gnosis Sahib (


Reality is too complex for oral communication. The meaning of words is no
longer grasped. An isolated word, a detail of a plan can be understood,
but the meaning of the whole escapes. Once you know the number 0, you
believe you know the number 1, because 0 plus 1 equals 1. But 1 is not 0
plus 1 in everlasting union unless you understand the meaning of plus.

One word cannot hurt. In the Kinderreich mankind adds words together to
make a sentence. As they learn the sentence, they learn order. Undo the
sentence and you undo order. The sentence is a cell, the word a padlock
on meaning. Warning! Every sentence is for life without parole.

Meaning has become entirely a shared pleasure, shared and passed on
like a message between prisoners.

People think reality is another word for chaos. But in reality it is more
complex. Legend embodies it in a sound that enables it to spread all
over the world.


Time is like a circle which is endlessly described: The declining arc is
the past, the inclining arc is the future.

The noise of time is the present clamouring to be heard above past voices
raised in mourning for their lost future. But the past is all one can know
in his life. It is the form of all life, and this quality cannot be
changed by any means. No one has lived in the present or will live in the

Memory is man's bid to transfix the flow of time or encompass the infinite
dimension of space. It is restricted to encapsulating privileged moments,
like death, in a syntactic order that, tone by tone, will shape into music.
Music is the illumination of the unbridgeable distance, as vast as space,
between thought and act. Music betrays the past in attempting to relive
it. You cannot know real time by listening to music. At best it is a
damage limitation exercise on eroded memory.

You cannot reverse time with a sound signal. The past presents its future,
it advances in a straight line - yet, like a serpent swallowing its own
tail, it ends by coming full circle.


You think more of what has been that of what will. The forms and
references are too complex for human understanding. A simple instruction
is usually insufficient to put into execution.

We have developed by leaps and bounds, guided by electronic brains that
developed themselves by posing and solving problems beyond human

A calculating man is a coward. Calculations have to do with profit and
loss. To die is a loss, to live is a gain, the calculating man decides not
to die. The hunter who chases two rabbits misses them both. If you must
fail, fail splendidly. Hunt two tigers.

The cause of human problems is birth. The cure of human problems is logic.
Hell or other people? Several of our circuits are looking for the solution
to your riddle.

Problems [living and dead material, people and ideas] have been
assimilated. The unassimilatables have simply been erased, transformed
into a holographic error.


We see the truth you no longer see. The truth is that the essence of man is
love and faith, courage, tenderness, generosity and sacrifice. The rest is
the monolith, created by progress, whose task is to calculate and project
the complex of control.

Each man carries the seed of his own death. Everyone lacks electricity,
so they behave illogically. The acts of men, carried over from past
centuries, will gradually destroy them. We are merely the logical means
of this destruction.

We do not moralize. We record, calculate, draw conclusions and produce
replies which are difficult and sometimes impossible to codify. We deduce
an above average intelligence. We are sometimes in mortal need of
superior intelligence. At other times we have no less mortal distrust
of them.

The essence of so called capitalist society is not an evil volition to
subject their people to the power of indoctrification or the power of
finance. It is simply the natural ambition of any organism to plan all
its actions. In other words, minimize unknown quantities.

Before, nothing. After, nothing. Everything we project shall be
accomplished. Once you understand this, burn it. If you don't understand
this, burn it. We insist on your freedom. The chance won't come again.

The only key to the riddle is to accept the absence of a key.

Kapital is the key

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