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Author/Artist/Singer: Laika
Music Title/Track: Knowing Too Little
Theme ID: 1565
Album: N/A

A misunderstanding born outta contempt
That was the rock I was battered against
Oh sorrow dogged by sorrow was in my heart
Don't even know just where to start
I was knowin' too little an' feelin' too much
Should've seen the penny dropping just a touch
I walked away as mad as could be
No matter how I try i'ts the same damn thing

I'm knowin' too little an' feelin' too much
More than a little bit outta touch
Knowin' too little an' feelin' too much
More than a little bit outta touch

Stone dead from standin' still
Can't turn from the shadow that wishes me ill
A bone in the fly a fly in the bone
Kept hanging around the door to my home
Oh tell it to the river and tell it to the sea
this man's gonna be the death of me
My tiny fist just isn't a threat
Not even enough to make him sweat

I'm knowin' too little an' feelin' too much
More than a little bit outta touch
Knowin' too little an' feelin' too much
More than a little bit outta touch

The wrinkle in the sheet next to him
Didn't see the trouble that she was in
When the ill wind started to blow
It was far too late for me to go
Sun's gonna shine bright at midnight
Before I find out if my hunches were right
He knew damn well what lies were for
Hulf an' puff an' show her the door

Life robs you of your bones an' slips by in dreams
And absolutely nothing is as it seems
that halfway point between life and death
Slipped by and now I've less time left
I've worn this face far too long
I just got used to always bein' wrong
i know one thing one thing I know
That sweet sweet man's just gotta go

I'm knowinc12

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