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Author/Artist/Singer: Lakim Shabazz
Music Title/Track: Black and Proud
Theme ID: 1733
Album: N/A

Feast your eyes, surprise, I got you locked in

The beat is droppin and Lakim's rockin

A lyrical landslide, my status is strong form

My days of rhymin old school are long gone

You better watch it when I get to the vital stage

Rhymes'll come crashin down like a tidal wave

You ( ? ) path of destruction, it caused an eruption

Cause Lakim was lustin

For a low-down, low-life lame brain with the same

Gameplan, I can't stand cause it's too plain

You need to slow your roll and switch your pitch

It's time for Lak to rip, so prepare for this

I'm cool and smooth, this is what Lak means

Rhymes are sometimes referred to as whipped cream

Give me a def kick, give me a hype snare

Mark give me a high-hat for those that bite, here

's a chunk of funk for you to nibble on

This is a rain rap shower, so I'ma drizzle on

Those who chose to oppose the way the Lak flows

Cause only those with the given gift knows

You gotta be nice, real hard, real hype

Have the real type of lyrics to present to the crowd

But when it's time to flow they will all know

That Lak Shabazz is black and I'm proud

I'm black and I'm proud

I'm black and I'm proud

Black and I'm proud

I'm black and I'm proud

Black and I'm proud

I'm black and I'm proud

Black and I'm proud

I'm black and I'm proud

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