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Author/Artist/Singer: Lakim Shabazz
Music Title/Track: The Lost Tribe of Shabazz
Theme ID: 1739
Album: N/A

(Our people will survive America)

[ VERSE 1 ]

My people were took from the motherland

By the other man

Brought to the wilderness

Like a ventriloquist

Played my people like puppets by plantin fear in their heart

Nowadays most of us don't know where to start

10% of us can help, but don't feel the need

They love greed

And this really bothers me

85% of us are totally ignorant

Walkin around with the nigger ment-

ality, 5% of us are ready to die for

The cause, of course the source is Elijah

Knowledge of self is what you need to stop the bull

If you don't get it, I'm held responsible

Rhymes I make are designed to reach the youth

I gotta teach, that's why I speak the truth

Some waste time dwellin on the past

It's time they know that we're the lost Tribe of Shabazz

(Our people will survive America) (2x)

[ VERSE 2 ]

Stay awake and don't sleep, cause I'm comin after ya

Devils I smash and leave em flat as a spatula

Back again, the mathmatical radical

Gettin emotional, very emphatical

The original man uses 23 million

Square miles on the planet Earth, constantly buildin

On the other hand the other man wants to confuse ya

Simple psychology, tricknowlogy fools ya

They have you believe we descend from canibals

Show you pictures of Africans lookin like animals

How could we be animals, look at the things we did

With our own bare hands we built pyramids

Blind, deaf, and dumb is how they raised ya

To them it's Africa, to us it's Asia

To get to the point, to make it clear to ya

They're no superior, and we're not inferior

I got the other man pointin at me, cause I licked him

Took a stand for the blackman, and didn't fall victim

The nation is growin rapid and fast

That's why I'm tellin you we're the lost Tribe of Shabazz

(Our people will survive America) (4x)

[ VERSE 3 ]

I couldn't wait to battle a beat like this track

Is so def, I had to pump my fist, black

My rhymes weigh six sextillion tons

Heavy as the Earth, a lyrical function

Imagine if every black man, woman and child

Would simply refuse

To go to work for one day

Do you know how much money these companies would lose?

Since everything's based on money, that's what we gotta get

We gotta learn when to quit, when not to quit

It's really sad, I know some people

Think that one day we'll be treated as equal

It's the Land of the Freedom, or so they say so

They tell you're free, yeah, but free to do what though?

Off our arms and legs they took the chains

Big deal - they still left em around our brains

Things I say make the government fear this

I speak with authority, so you can hear this

I hate oreos, that's why I gots to bomb

You so-called niggerish Uncle Toms

We're on a rise-up, you better wise up

You can't stop us, now are you surprised, duck?

You might take it as a political outblast

But we're the lost Tribe of Shabazz

(Our people will survive America) (8x)

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