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Author/Artist/Singer: Laquan
Music Title/Track: Brother to Brother
Theme ID: 2239
Album: N/A

Let it be heard


the highest level of understanding

wisdom must come forth

Yo Laquan, speak

[ VERSE 1: Laquan ]

Keepin in tact cause I express myself on wax

Read between the lines as I state the facts

The fact is known, you gotta be strong to live long

And know the difference from right and wrong

What's done in the dark will soon shine in the light

You're provin em right by suckin the pipe, stereotype

Media hype is killing me

Why must my brothers steal from me?

Woman is queen, she feeds what you need at birth

Research of self, develops your mental health

Man is king, lead the route

But some sell out and find a quick way out

By selling poison to another

Poison for pay rotts the brain away

Caught in the devil's trap

Some call it dope, some call it crack

Call it what you want, it doesn't matter what the name is

The effect is still the same

Your life goes down the drain in constant pain

For a $20 plane ride

Comin from inside of me - truth

You can hide from me, you can't hide from facts, black

Sorry if I've blown your cover

I must tell it like it is, brother to brother


Brother to brother

[ VERSE 2: Laquan ]

Open your third eye, vision a clear sight

As we take a flight into the life of parasites

Some will feed and never give, that's pure greed

Climbin, climbin but I'm constantly pulled back

Is it the wrong steps or is it because I'm black?

We're alkin in circles pacin the same track

Never will win a war with someone else

We're havin this devilish war within ourselves

Brothers and sisters, you are the listeners

The react is the track will attack like a maniac

If in your blackness, teach your brother practice

Black awareness, don't be scared of this

I'm on a mission to fix up the mixed up

Constantly strivin is the way I'm survivin

The sermon is written to better the way you're livin

Speakin of livin - I'm livin positive

I'm on a quest to redeem your self-esteeem

Rehabilitate those who lost faith

This here lesson is leavin a reflection

On the young to grow to be strong ones

A weak mind is brainwashed easily

I'm not blind, I see what you're feedin me

History, you got it twisted

Your leaders are written, mine are unlisted

I praise God and no other

Words from me to you, brother to brother

Brother to brother, brother to brother



Brother to brother

[ VERSE 3: Laquan ]

Accused of abusin freedom of speech

The reason for that, they dislike what I teach

Never in life would I fight for this land

The U.S. cares less about a blackman

Now's the time to react and impact

On the minor set-backs, follow the right tracks

Caged in a false educational system

The government's on my back because I dissed em

With a middle finger and a balled fist

Hidin the truth and feedin us bullshit

I use the mic as a tool to guide the fool

From a pool of danger I speak with anger

And authority, I show loyalty

Believe in me and I can prove reality is definitely a part of me

By speaking to you brother to brother



Brother to brother

Yo, peace to all babies born

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