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Author/Artist/Singer: Lars Frederiksen The Bastards
Music Title/Track: Wine And Roses
Theme ID: 2540
Album: N/A

Bring on the days of wine and roses

Riot squads and fire hoses

Two leaders try to speak but they don't make a sound

Autocrats run but they don't move around

Big money mergers but does that move ya

X-Ray vision I see right through ya

Do you remember when it was all bleak and black

When the old man move forwards and he never look back

But no one has a job no it's crime and torture

Cocaine epidemic and steel vultures stuck inside a fire

That is a cleanin super power contenders

No one is daring one super power left

Psychotic killer world wide assault ya it's a thriller

you don't want to be the one who's got to go to jail

If you're lucky I.M.F. will hook you up and you'll make bail

The menace of success oppress rebellion

The men who play chess with the human weapons

The rally of ideas is the question

The city awaits total annihilation

Living under the muzzle of a gun this is no holiday in the sun

It's disturbing it's subversion

"V" is not for victory but for vacant homes

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