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Author/Artist/Singer: Last Emperor
Music Title/Track: Monolith
Theme ID: 3039
Album: N/A

[Verse 1]

I stare into the face of death

and the fear that's so obvious

wordplay is the way that I conquer it

shivalry's not dead if the living honor it

i send a message to men on all continents

and this is my imperial decree

to who so ever steals material from me

the emcee who comes with new abilities

and the same man in king david luther's philistines

cuz when it comes to emcees they leave you

no choice but to destroy the embodiment of evil

deadly force against the source of upheavel, that seems to

oppress and bring death to my people

the way to defy this death

is to keep kicking rhymes until there's no rhymes left

the emperor takes the form of the giant dredd

with the body of a man, and a lion's head

and this dence urban jungle of great disorder

cd players, turntables and tape recorders

become the tools that I use to erase the borders

between me and the secret and ancient order

that I swore to protect and uphold

if you're looking for the bloodiest battle, you've struck gold

from young to old, ripe and then rotten

i came to drop bombs like osama bin laden

using poisonious chemicles to shower fools

ravenous animals devour fools

i build a giant robot to overpower crews

using pens and pencils like power tools

a fifty-foot metal man, named lyricore

will stand up to the bully and hit him in the jaw

cuz when I step in the door

it takes a minute for the emperor, senator, madator, minitor

kicking bitterness to show it ain't sweet

whether it's a dark cave, or the middle of the street

cuz the only thing happening the next time we meet

is the thrill of my victory and agony of your defeat (echoes)

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