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Author/Artist/Singer: Mac 10
Music Title/Track: Backyard Boogie
Theme ID: 506
Album: N/A

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse One:

Saturday morning at the crack of sunrise
Thank the man upstairs for lettin me open my eyes
It's a whole new game for me like T-Lee
It's nine-seven now and I'ma stay sucka free
Thinkin about all my homeboys behind bars
as I crease up my khakis and lace up my stars
And everthang is straight I'm in the full zone
Gettin paper every day, it's all I'm trippin on
Cause ain't nothin like a ride in Californ-ia
with the top back, rollin on a hot sunny day
It's one-oh, fo'-sho', and I'm clownin all the rookies
With a pocket full of cookies
and mashin to the backyard boogie

Get yo' boogie on [repeat 3X]
And then we comin wit that


Backyard boogie oogie oogie (yeah)
Backyard boogie oogie oogie (it's all about that)
Backyard boogie oogie oogie (unh)
Backyard boogie oogie oogie (it's the backyard boogie) [repeat 3X]
Backyard boogie oogie oogie [repeat 2X]

Verse Two:

Now just throw yo hands up high in the sky
Representin where you from cause it's West till I die
Put it down anywhere, take thangs for what they worth
been a rider since birth, and the earth is my turf
So I bails in the party, everythang is cool
It's niggaz in the hood I ain't seen since high school
And everybody gots stripes cause we all paid dues
Crips, Damus, and other clicks and crews
Just gettin they boogie on, hoochie bitches gettin loose
It kinda remind me of the truce in nine-deuce
I'm even kickin back, and I'm usually chicken hawkin
The bloods shootin dice, and the crips are C walkin
Now the party is jumpin, and the crowd's gettin bigger
Looked up and saw four hoes to every nigga
And it's off

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