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Author/Artist/Singer: Mad Skillz
Music Title/Track: Together
Theme ID: 1572
Album: N/A

[mad skillz]

Yo, yo, I spit six of rap figures, get your (shit) together

Require some (shit) to stitch your lips together

My click stick together, mic rip together

Move no bricks or I make hits to flip my cheddar

No chicks for you and your man? yall trick together

Yall fools flow? yall cats gonna brick together

I do a song with a whole group they getting lit together

Pop your snotbox son, move and stick, youd better

Nextel cellphone cb, chips together

In a telly with two chicks that like to lick together

He talking slick? hell skip when I get the beretta

Hope he wearing red, cause tonight, he might leave redder

Im about to send a fix thatll split your sweater

Crying bout that trick trying to pull a vick, you deader

Your chick looking at my (dick) pushing her (tits) together

Got you and the head of your label watch yall slit your wrists together

Yall wanna battle? yall cats are getting ripped together

In a draft me and my better half get picked together

Your girl will get got, I aint got to sweat her

Cause see I hop out a coupe, duke, while you hop out of jettas

She wanted to see it, so guess what (nigga) I let her!

Now sister want to stretch me to and I just met her

Hit em both now them hoes is throwing fits together

Turn them (bitches) to foes, they wont even sit together

Me and you on the same record and we spit together?

And I dont make you look bad? you sound sick, son, never

Timbaland, thats my man, we make hits together

You and your producer, yall cats miss together

Aim low, extra clips just to leave you wetter

Had the doctors mending your (motherfucking) hips together

Thats your clique? yall cats think you look slick together?

Yall look gay, yall probably piss and (shit) together

Pop your brother, you and your mother reminice together

See the preacher how your family used to fish together

He might come back if yall just wish together

He wont, go upstairs and take a ( ) of his letter

Haters trying to swiss cheese me, Im like "whatever"

Thats like skydiving son, trying to grip a feather

Me and my flow? were about to get rich together

You and yours need to change our f-ing pitch together

Yall the type rap cats that snitch together

F around, get thrown down in a ditch together

Oh, now yall cats want to pop (shit) together?

My clique in here you can get drop kicked together

Slip mickeys, have rappers getting sick together

Break fools like a couple of soup kids together

Mad skillz and va, we on your list together

Yall sick, Im gonna be sick with this forever, what?


I told yall that we dont stop

Thats right baby, timbaland, mad skillz, uh

Feel us, feel us

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