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Author/Artist/Singer: Nappy Roots
Music Title/Track: Roun The Globe (Collipark Remix)
Theme ID: 1676
Album: N/A

(feat. Ying Yang Twins)

[Intro - Ying Yang Twins]
Is the southside in this muthafucka? (Hell yeah!)
Is the northside in this muthafucka? (Hell yeah!)
Is the eastside in this muthafucka? (Hell yeah!)
Is the westside in this muthafucka? (Hell yeah!)

[Hook - Ying Yang Twins]
This for my thugs baby and for tha club baby
We keep it crunk, smokin' weed and gettin' drunk (Around the globe)
Atlanta, Alabama (Country as hell!) Kentucky, Carolina (Country as hell!)
Miami, Tennesse (Country as hell!) Mississippi, New Jersey (Country as hell!)

[Verse One - Skinny DeVille]
Yo, aw man, the grass done got greener on the other side of the fence
So I hopped my ass over to see if I was convinced
Fast-paced city life, but country livin's the sense
Man, I copped me a Caddy said "to Hell wit' a Benz"
Benz, Benz, twenty-inch rims
I can't leave the verti-cal grill at the back of the ranch
Got a phat farm with cows and a whole lotta land
20 acres to my name son we ain't been there

[Verse Two - B. Stille]
Meanwhile up in the D where they holla it up though
Thugs blow weed in the park where the club close
In Milwaukee the beast is petro, off in DC the streets is ghetto
Let's roll to Cali where they chief the best 'dro
and drive cars so big you can't reach the pedals
Never had a glass of purple juice for breakfast
until I took my ass to Houston, Teaxs

[Hook - Ying Yang Twins]
This for my thugs baby and for tha club baby
We keep it crunk, smokin' weed and gettin' drunk (Around the globe)
New Orleans and D.C. (Country as hell!) Texas, Indiana (Country as hell!)
Detroit, Chicago (Country as hell!) Cali, Ohio (Country as hell!)

[Verse Three - Big V]

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