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Author/Artist/Singer: Nas
Music Title/Track: Smokin
Theme ID: 1976
Album: N/A

Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim
(To the Gods.. to the Gods.. to the Earths)
Pass that shit homey

Now tell me what y'all smokin
What kinda heat y'll holdin
Well is your creep move potent
I got a bunch of bullets and a bag of guns I pass 'em to my niggaz c'mon
We bi-coastin, keepin our po-ckets bulgin
We got the plan in motion
I got a bunch of bullets and a bag of guns I pass 'em to my niggaz c'mon

[Verse One]
Zoom, from outer space he comes
Blunt in his mouth with his hand on his gun
Bitches flappin they gums, do he be clappin and shootin guys
Actor or a movie star, rapper revolutionized
What is his race nation or creed?
Is he arabic, black, latin, asian they read
Magazines say I walked on water, talked to the heavens
Spit at judges, stepped on peasants
But in reality, I just entered your galaxy
September '73, up in these wild streets
Fuckin these wild freaks, a harem of hoes (God damn)
And my mystique got 'em tearin my clothes


[Verse Two]
My nigga smoke with one lung
If he cough he might die, passin me trees
The liquor bottle's almost empty
We about to collide, with the enemy
Only way you die if it's meant to be
You fuckin with a general
No discussion is the principle we bustin it's the end of you
Now we knockin on your mama door
Like we cam to fix the sink; my kind of war
Death, angels comin for you
Spirit horse runnin from your body like Young Guns 1 and 2
Paramedics fightin for you, who's gon' win?
The hands of time, or the hands of medicine
Don't cry, witness your fate, this is your wake
Walk by your casket, spit in your face
Enter the fog dog, the light is your guide
And when y

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