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Author/Artist/Singer: Nasty Boy Klick
Music Title/Track: Are U Still Down
Theme ID: 2199
Album: N/A

Hey How you doing girl?
Basically what i just want to know
Are you still down for mine

oooh you know that I'll always be down
(are you still down for mine)
Baby yeah
(are you still down for mine)
And should know I will be around baby yeah
(are you still down for mine)

I think it was the third grade when I realized
How much I was attracted to your light brown eyes
Cuz ever since that very first day of school
I've felt a little something when I looked at you
And even when my friends would tease and laugh,
I would try to sit next to u in class
Maybe it was cuz u always treated me cool
But if it wasn't for u i wouldn't go to school
I'd rather be home, writin your name a thousand times
Day dreamin in the lunch line
And on the playground time flies by so fast
But lucky for me we were in the same class
Now I'm looking forward to after school
Sometimes i got brave and walked home with you
I've only got a dollar but i promise you that
I'ma get you a little something from the icecream man


Now it's a brand new year, and we're both in fifth grade
My my my, how the summer changed the way walk, the way you talk, the way you
It's like meeting you all over again
And for the first time you passed me a little note
Giving me your number to call you at home
I'm so excited, tellin all my friends
and when I pick up the phone I'm gettin kinda nervous
Walkin with your girlfriends, talkin with the guys
Even made me a little jealous sometimes
But all the jealousy just went away
When I played football and you would yell my name
The years pass by, and we continue to grow
If it's up to me, I'll never let you go
I g

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