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Author/Artist/Singer: Nasty Boy Klick
Music Title/Track: Down for Yours
Theme ID: 2203
Album: N/A

Down for yours if youre down for mine


Nastyboy klick, I would die for you

Down for yours if youre down for mine


Nastyboy klick, are you down for your dj?

Down for yourz if youre down for mine

Ill be that man dropping skill

Give your body chills

Let me wine and dine you boo

No doubt that Ill be good to you

I like a girl that always gots my back

Whenever I need her shell be standing with a mac

If you down to represent

And put your trust in me

Aint scared of no guns

And let me run the street

Let me do what I gotta do

And show you Im fine, love you blind

Its just that hook-ups take time

And got to have ends or a place to live

Smoking fat phillys

Im still down wit you kid

So if you want it, come and get it, dont take too long

Cause in the valley of az

Finding flat females aint hard

So come and take a ride

And if you swing to this bounce

Room 6-0-duece

Thats what Im all about

Fulfill your fantasies

And all of your desires

Lay back, pop the top up

And let me take you higher


Loving you this way, Ill never lead you astray

I knew you want to be og, when you put your trust in me

Down for yours if your down for mine (put your trust in me)

Im down for yours, if your down with my flow, keep it going

Im always down for my gs

Down for yours if youre down for mine

Now all I need is a shorty with a mac like that

Victoria secret, champagne, and bubble baths

Let the magic man rub you down like a magic lamp

And Im getting 3 wishes

I likes that

Cause aint nobody in this whole wide world

Abouts to giving you lovin like this duke of earl, uhh,

Feel the lovin that I gots for you

My wet candy, flowers, and some diamonds too

Just to let you know how I feel for you

I dedicate my life and my soul to you

So now that youve been thinking of a man for your life

I promise if I get it

Im a treat you right

Never playa hate

And always down to sex me

And every time I see you

Giving much respect to me

Ill be down for yours

If your down for mine

Cause a love like ours

Aint easy to find


What you want goldilocks

Money cant buy

But its scotch made divine

Styles like calvin klein

Design for the masses

No style you sport clashes

Hazardous to the health of all men

Beauty descends, dividends, lust remains

Heavenly same my intent ignites flames

Exclaim, never complain

To give you affection

If being right, so wrong

You never need correction

Most definitely you get the best of me at times

If lovins what I need

You supply all kinds

I see your brown eyes scheming from across the room

Checking me out but you look away....

No reason to gaze

Look where the game

Competitions the same

Too many heinas lookin good

For me and you to keep playin

So what it be

Im down for whatever you need

Just me and you

Hand in hand

Roaming through ecstasy


Down for yours, down for mine, oooooo....

Down for yours if youre down for mine

More bounce for my gs

Youre my computer love

More bounce gs

Down for yours if youre down for mine

Down for yours if youre down for mine

I want to be your g, baby, I want to be your g

Yes I do

Jesus fellas

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